Lean Business Solutions

We enable the ability to postpone decisions for (critical) operational processes

  • Collaboratively designing an operational process, tailored to your unique business needs
  • Fulfilling basic needs by implementing lean tailored software solutions
    • Just automating the essential parts of your process — the bottlenecks

The Problem

  • Making risky, big-bang decisions (early on)
    • For critical business processes
Software selection can be a daunting process, especially large-scale implementations. Talking to potential vendors can be exhausting and cause blind spots or tunnel-vision.

The Effects

  • A sub-optimal business solution
  • Ever-increasing maintenance costs (OPEX)
  • Internal resistance and frustration
  • Management's reluctance to admit having made a wrong strategic choice
    • Very costly to change direction

The Solution

Mitigate taking these high-risk decisions in the operation and start lean with a well-defined process. Test the process and add bespoke tooling when bottlenecks arise; inspect & adapt.

The Results

  • A well thought through operational process definition
  • Acting upon this process before committing to expensive/invasive solutions
  • Avoid early lock-in to extensive enterprise systems that may not align with future needs

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